Jeremy Rosebrook made his start as a DJ at the age of 22 in Chicago where he quickly became one of the most promising local house music talents. From the beginning, djeremy championed a distinctive soulful, gospel-inflected garage house sound that set him apart from his peers. His carefully crafted sessions drew the attention of many and paved the way for opportunities to play alongside renowned DJs and performers such as Frankie Knuckles, David Harness, Derrick Carter, Ralphi Rosario, Ron Carroll, Barbara Tucker, and Ann Nesby.

Djeremy has been heard at a number of important venues in Chicago including Hydrate, Four, Red Dog, X/O, Zentra, Circuit, Crobar, Spin, and Cocktail. He has also played at the legendary EndUp nightclub and Pink in his newly-adopted home of San Francisco where he continues to energize and educate crowds.